Collect all outbound billing in one place and
strengthen the relationship with your customers.


invoice dispatch

Companies with many customers know that there is great variation in the requirements for receiving invoices. The area extends from the most basic paper invoice, over PDF invoices that are sent to different email addresses, to fully electronic invoices that are delivered in various formats.

In order to achieve an optimal flow for invoices, it is essential that the customers receive your invoices in their preferred way. Sproom’s unique technology ensures that you always send all invoices in exactly the same way, from the same place and in the same format. When your simple and aligned work is done, we ensure that all invoices appear to the individual customers in exactly the way they want.

Guaranteeing the right delivery is an important prerequisite for invoices to be processed and paid on time.






All invoices in one place and in one format gives you access to a unique overview with a full history for all invoices. With receipts for all stages of the reception, it is quick and easy to follow up on which customers that have not received or opened your billing documents.

It makes the job of projecting cash flow more accurate, and creates new opportunities for detailed cash flow management when working with updated master data for each customer.





Immediate savings

On top of the consequent savings achieved by aligning the invoice process - such as timely payments and full traceability - there is also direct savings for your budget.

Particularly in the area of traditional postage, there are great savings to be made. It is not unusual for companies to reduce their postage costs by 75-85% in the first 12 months after their transition to Sproom.

This is possible thanks to Sprooms automated customer activation that helps your contacts to move from paper to electronic invoice reception. In addition, you will save on procurement, maintenance and updates of PDF software, output management software, IT licenses, hardware etc.


Who can receive electronically? Who should have a paper invoice? What email address should this customer receive his PDFs on?

It is virtually impossible to be fully updated on how your customers can receive invoices and thus ensure that you send in the most economical and convenient way for both you and your customer.

Luckily, all that you no longer need to relate to. With Sproom’s solution for invoice dispatch, you can now send your invoices 100% electronically - every time! You send all your invoices in the same way, and we make sure that your customers choose how they want to receive.

With Sproom, your invoice will always arrive safe and fast, in the right format - win, win!