“We spent an hour and a half every day collecting information and correcting incorrect invoices, until vi started using Sproom’s validation Service: Sproom Verify”


No errors, great resource savings and satisfied suppliers. These three things are something most companies want for their billing processes. At Sproom we wish to change the way companies do business. This is done by making sure that they can achieve all the great benefits there is when sending and receiving electronic invoices. SSG A/S is one of the companies who have experienced these benefits in real life with Sproom Verify. Casper Markwick from the finance department says:

“We spent an hour and a half every day collecting information and correcting incorrect invoices, until vi started using Sproom’s validation Service: Sproom Verify”

SSG had a big challenge, because of lacking information, such as reference and PO number, in their invoices. Hence, they used a lot of focus and time on calling internally and externally, in order to collect the required information.

Today, 80 percent of all their invoices are correct when receiving them, thanks to Sproom Verify. The remaining 20 percent are primary distributed between PDF and paper invoices: ”(…) among our electronic invoices are all, with a few specific exceptions, correct every time.” Casper Markvick states. 


“We don’t see most of our invoices, because it all works a lot faster. The process runs by itself unless we hear anything. It is a big difference from earlier”

This is something Casper Markvick is pleased with, but Sproom Verify is not only an advantage for SSG. Also SSG’s suppliers have been pleased with the solution offered by Sproom. He continues:

"Overall, our suppliers have been positive. They think that Sproom Verify is a smart system, among other things because information is corrected directly in the invoice. In this context, some of our suppliers are actually started to use Sproom to send invoices electronically"

Sproom Verify entails that the suppliers suddenly save a lot of work and unnecessary additional costs. Among the suppliers who do not use Sproom to send invoices electronically, SSG finds that they are very pleased that they can correct the invoice directly without starting over. Even the invoices sent through a scanning agency can be changed without waiting period, additional payment or without submitting a new invoice. 

"If suppliers are in doubt, they address themselves, otherwise, Sproom Verify will automatically manage the communication and correction of invoices. So we are very pleased -  and so are our suppliers! Of course, there are some suppliers with very specific processes which make them unable to meet our requirements. But here Sproom is so flexible that we have found a good solutions for them too.” Casper Markvick says. 


"Today, we experience a number of secondary effects from Sproom Verify. For example, it has a big 'educational’ effect on our suppliers, but also on our employees. Everyone constantly learns how to give more accurate information (...) So all in all, it works across the whole line." Casper Markvick states.

Therefore, Sproom Verify not only corrects existing errors, it also prevents many errors from occurring. That's how companies get the maximum value from receiving electronic invoices!


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