”Før Sproom blev vores indgående fakturaer først håndteret af modtagelse, så skulle de op i økonomi, og så skulle de med post ud til de forskellige afdelinger i hele landet [...]"

From 30 days of processing to less than an hour

To receive and process large amounts of invoices require resources - lots of resources. Fortunately, a reorganization of invoice reception from analog to electronic reduces time consumption significantly. At Sproom we have helped a great deal of Danish companies with this transition - one of them is Sahva.

At Sahva the challenge was that the invoices were received centrally, but should be processed locally in the individual departments around the country. This caused a long and costly process that made it difficult to meet the demands of suppliers with short payment terms.

Controller at Sahva, Bjarne Duun said,

"Before Sproom, our incoming invoices were first handled by the reception, then transferred to the finance department, and then mailed by post to the various departments throughout the country. Our big challenge was this decentralized reception. Before Sproom, handling of invoices could take anywhere from 4 to 30 days, which was a challenge because some suppliers have payment terms of 14 days. After involving Sproom, we can now process invoices on a day to day notice and have approval of payments within a single minute. The result is that we have increased our ability to exploit cash discounts from suppliers considerably.“

Released time

The transition has resulted in freed up time for more value-adding processes in Sahva.

“Now that we use Sproom, our entire department for creditors has become much easier and faster to handle. We have freed up resources that we use to optimize other procedures and initiate new projects. Furthermore, our supplier collaboration has been highly optimized,” Bjarne Duun says.

By employing a provider like Sproom, your business avoids tasks within the technical and communicative area, and achieves a high degree of activation among suppliers.

He continues;

"With Sproom, there has been no need to build or change anything in our systems. Other providers had long technical explanations to everything - but with Sproom, it has just been super easy. And an added bonus is that our suppliers find Sproom very easy to use.”

It does not have to be a big project

Following up on the supplier, contacting him, asking him about his technical level and helping him in the process of sending electronic invoices via a free tool often results in great goodwill from suppliers. It creates an image of a professional company that takes its suppliers seriously.

"Supplier activation through Sproom could not be easier. They took action immediately and were responsible for obtaining contacts lists as well as calling each supplier - something we did not have time or resources for. We were so happy that someone would do it for us. As soon as we had signed the contract with Sproom, we were assigned a contact person who followed up on us, held our hand through the process and quickly responded to our questions. In four weeks we had activated 75% of our suppliers. Now it is written into our agreements with suppliers that they will use Sproom” says Bjarne Duun.





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