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Solutions for 
larger corporations

Whether your position in the business involves responsibility for accounting or finances, if you are CEO or the owner of your business, your work will be directed by changing KPIs and demanding forecasting, and you fully understand the importance of constantly optimizing workflows and utilizing the great benefits that our technology provides.

Succeeding requires that a company has agile and scalable solutions that create opportunities and insight, rather than limiting options and draining internal resources.

And efficient and agile technical solutions are exactly what Sproom delivers every day, to some of the largest Nordic companies. Our solutions are carefully developed based on extensive experience from companies with very different and demanding setups.

Whether you work in SAP, Oracle or AX, if you are in wholesale, retail, energy or a production company, we are sure to already have created great value for a similar business in your industry.

Selected Enterprise Customers



Collect all outbound billing under the same solution and never again spend resources on keeping track of the different ways your customers receive invoices.

Save vast resources and minimize the amount of manual work and adjacent errors in your internal processes.


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With uniform, centralized reception of all supplier invoices, directly into your current system, brand new possibilities will occur for the optimization of internal processes.

With Sproom as your provider, you create the ideal framework to exploit all the possibilities for optimization that electronic invoice reception creates.


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We can provide you with lengthy praise about our solutions and what they result in for our users, but what is better than to hear it from the customers themselves?

Fortunately, we have many great and satisfied customers, and some of them are happy to share their findings with you. 


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It is important for us that you can send and receive electronic documents through Sproom, regardless of the service provider, your customers or suppliers have chosen - and without compromising safety. This is why our platform is built on the Software as a Service approach that gives you secure access to your data, wherever you are.


Sproom's technology ensures

Infinity  A network that can be fully integrated with your existing financial- and invoice monitoring systems, as well as other operators.

Infinity  A scalable platform, which can be adapted to your requirements for capacity, quickly and easily. You will always have the storage space you need

Infinity  Secure transportation of important business data between clients. We always treat the data with the necessary respect and guarantee that all data is kept confidential in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Infinity  That data will never be disclosed to third parties without the company's consent. Sproom will always transmit data via encrypted connections, so they cannot be accessed or manipulated by unauthorized users.


Getting started

Whether you already receive invoices via another operator, or whether you are new to the field of electronic invoicing, Sproom is just right for you.

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