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Sproom is for

all businesses

Your company's current technical level is not important when choosing if electronic invoicing is an advantage for you.

Whether you simply need an option to send a few GLN invoices for recipients who may require it or if you want to collect all your incoming and outgoing invoicing in one place, then Sproom has a solution for you.

Even if your company is not currently intrigued by the advantage of either sending 

or receiving electronic invoices, you will eventually be faced with an external demand for an electronic solution for invoicing - either from a public institution or from a private corporation.

Whenever the need for an electronic invoicing system occurs, there are great advantages in choosing a solution that either for free or with a very modest investment, can solve everything at once: Send to a few, send to all, receive as email, in your accounting system or through EAN / GLN!

It is up to you - we will always have a great solution for your business


Send all invoices

with Sproom

With Sproom you can send invoices to all your customers - both public and private companies. You send them the way that is easiest for you and your customers will always receive your invoices as they want it - electronically, by email or on paper by mail.

Whether you use an accounting system or not, Sproom has just the right invoice dispatching solution for your needs.


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Receive all invoices in one place

With a Sproom profile, you can receive invoices electronically, exactly as you want it and gather all invoices in one place, in one way. A solution from Sproom guarantees that invoices do not disappear in a mailbox or in a pile on an employee’s desk.

No matter if you prefer to receive invoices by mail, in Sproom, in your own accounting system or perhaps a GLN number, we can solve it you - and it is both easier and cheaper than you would think.


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Tailor your solution


Is your business already using an accounting system? Seamlessly integrate it with Sproom. Do you enter invoices online? Ease the daily billing considerably with Type Easy. Will several colleagues need access? Create multiple users. Should your external accountant or auditor have access? Multiple profiles can be linked together so you can switch between companies in the same profile.

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Integrate your ERP system with Sproom

If you already have an accounting system, you can easily integrate it with Sproom. Send and receive electronic invoices directly via your own accounting system and gain significant savings, better control and less errors with minimal involvement of your IT-department.


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Get started

Convinced? It only takes a few minutes to get ready for sending or receiving invoices through Sproom, and it does not have to cost you anything.

Find the profile that best fits your needs, and get started right away. 


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