Gastech Energi

From analog to electronic

18,000 incoming invoices annually, received on paper and PDF. It may sound like a lot, but nevertheless the figures were true for Gastech - until they started to use Sproom. Today Gastech receives 90% of their invoices electronically, and this is an achievement they greatly appreciate:

"We receive about 1,500 invoices a month, and it would be an expensive and time-consuming task to scan them all. In addition, the scan would require validation to ensure data quality. So when we had the opportunity to receive our invoices electronically and directly into our invoice workflow system, it was not difficult to make the decision” says Ditte Helweg who is Controller in Gastech.

The transition from analog to electronic invoice reception has also resulted in heightened data quality.

"Data is delivered in exactly the format we want; so with Sproom we do not need to worry about the quality of the data we receive.“ says Ditte Helweg.


Get started fast

Anything new can seem overwhelming. In Sproom we help our clients get started in sending and receiving electronic invoices. Gastech now receives all invoices directly in their invoice workflow system.

"Sproom was very professional already at the first contact and it was easy to get started. We installed Sproom Connector, and now receive all invoices directly into our invoice workflow system. The connector took 5 minutes to install and Sproom did the rest." Ditte Helweg adds.


Activation of suppliers without the use of resources 

With Sproom you neither have to worry about technology or communications. When we are in charge of supplier activation for our customers, it is with a clear goal to achieve as high a degree of activation as possible, as well as promote a smoother communication between the supplier and the customer. That means that Gastech can have a greater focus on the company's future:

"In the course of two weeks, Sproom contacted  250 of our suppliers on our behalf and introduced our new system." a satisfied Ditte Helweg tells, and continues: “Sproom's staff was there for us and took care of our suppliers as they enabled them to sending electronic invoices - now both we and our suppliers are ready for the future."

The result look positive for Gastech’s future. Of the suppliers that were not already dispatching electronic invoices, Sproomactivated 87% in two weeks - a share that both we and Gastech are highly satisfied with.


Simple processes and better cooperation

By avoiding scanning of all incoming invoices via the simple integration to Sproom, Gastech’s internal processes have become more flexible, all while they save time on registration and validation of data. Ditte Helweg expands:

"In addition, our approval processes can now start earlier. This means that we have more time to do follow-up checks on other tasks, such as following up on our debitors. And as an added bonus, we have become much better at paying on time. Overall, we feel that we have gained a much better cooperation with all our suppliers."

The time Gastech used to scan various invoices can now be spent on other important tasks such as noticing debitors, starting approval procedures earlier and focusing on the business they are passionate about.


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