”Før Sproom scannede vi alle indgående fakturaer – det tog en hulens masse tid og vi manglede ofte bilag [...]"

Fewer resources! No scanning! Greater profit!

 “Before Sproom we scanned all incoming invoices - it took an awful lot of time and we often lacked attachments. With Sproom we avoid scanning, saving us time that we can spend on other more valuable tasks.” Rune Nielsen, Accounts Payable Manager.

Most companies knows. To receive, register and process invoices takes time. Time that could be spent on much better tasks, which may ultimately be decisive in determining whether a business is efficient and dynamic. In Sproom we really want to help other companies save precious time and keep track of invoices and attachments so there is room to think about other valuable tasks. One of our satisfied customers is ATEA.


Valuable time

Before using Sproom, ATEA received over 3,000 invoices via PDF and mail each month. This caused a great challenge with missing attachments and delays, and a generally high consumption of resources on receiving, scan and verify documents. About it says Rune Nielsen:

"After Sproom our data quality has improved significantly and incoming invoices and attachments are no longer lost along the way. The result is that our turnaround time has improved significantly. Today, we receive 90% of our invoices electronically, and both we and our suppliers save time and effort in invoice processing. Here Sproom has really created value."

Specifically the improved time for turnaround is due to the fact that the invoices are born electronically and stays that way, all the way from supplier to customer. Thus, the quality is far better than a scanned document, and no data is missing. The format is not something ATEA has to be concerned about - no matter which format the supplier chooses to send the invoice in, Sproom ensures that ATEA receive the electronic invoice exactly as they want.


Active suppliers

"Sproom was in charge for supplier activation and it was so simple. We only had to provide data and create our EAN number - the rest was done by Sproom and no other employees in our company had to be involved,” Rune Nielsen adds.

Once a company is using Sproom, we do not believe that they should spend any resources on activating their suppliers. Rune Nielsen says that a challenge has been to explain to the suppliers, that it is the size and quality of the data that is essential in an EAN invoice - not nice layout. This is a reason that we offer to be in charge of the activation process: “At the course of 14 days, Sproom had called 600 suppliers and activated 65%. We would never have achieved results like that if we should have done it all by ourselves. "


More business with less resources

ATEAs primary need and goal for electronic invoicing is reducing resources spent, which they stress has been a success!

"(...) Moreover, we have been able to focus on processes related to pre approvals. The number of pre approvals in the first 6 months increased from 0 to 50% (...) Due to increased turnover in ATEA, the amount of invoices has increased - but we do not spend more resources on handling the extra volume. Sproom has a key role in that achievement,” Rune Nielsen says.

We are pleased that our intentions are bearing fruit. In Sproom we think it should be easy to do business. ATEA is just one of many examples of how a digitalized billing process is one of the most important keys to a smoother and less resource-intensive operation.



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