Read about our vision and history from
the first idea occurred to where we are today.

The History

It all started in 2010 when a small group of enthusiasts joined forces to create a solution, which could help companies realise their greatest potential. They decided to look for one of the most sought after IT solutions on the FinTech market, and ended up focusing on electronic invoicing. This resulted in the invention of Sproom which offers all companies, no matter size, the opportunity to send and receive electronic invoices.

Since then, the company’s fast development has resulted in Sproom becoming a part of Visma, the leading business software provider in the Nordic countries. We fit perfectly into Visma's vision of developing groundbreaking solutions that bring our customers one step ahead of their competitors. 


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Our Vision

Everyday we aim to make electronic invoicing as transparent for and available to our customers as possible. That is why it is important to us that the technical stuff that goes on “behind” our customers’ e-invoicing always functions as it should. When a company sends or receives an invoice electronically, it should run completely smooth, so that the company can concentrate on what creates value for them. We want to make the user journey as user-friendly as possible by for example eliminating heavy workflows. Learn more about our vision and why we have it.

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Sproom is more than a team of dedicated people who want to make electronic invoicing as simple as possible. We are part of an extremely competent business environment in Visma, where socializing is highly prioritized. At Sproom we find it important that everyone is motivated and have fun while they work. You will be hired based on your skills, but also based on your personality. And we believe that freedom under responsibility creates the best work environment.


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Contact & Support

Do you have any doubt about your electronic invoice? Do you want to hear more about electronic invoicing and the solutions we can offer? Or are you our next partner? We are ready to answer your questions, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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